August 12, 2010

For those clients who have only one company set up in Accpac, only use the core modules of Accpac and have basic reporting needs, investing in the Connector module is a decision that can be deferred.

To customers who maintain multiple companies in Accpac, I say ‘when can a dynamic and consolidated view of operations and capital employment ever be a bad idea?’ and therefore the SAI Connector module is a good investment decision.

For customers using Sage CRM, Payroll and other add-on products the SAI Connector module just makes sense.

To customers using Project and Job Costing (PJC), I say it is a ‘no-brainer’ to make that investment considering the unlimited creativity that can be applied to PJC reporting using the Connector module.

It consolidates data from various sources, grants access to data not available in the standard set of SAI reports and only one license is required per site regardless of how many Report Manager or Viewer licenses exist. For all decision-makers who have Sage Accpac as their ERP, if you have an inclination to using consolidated, dynamic reports to provide you with objective decision-making tools then I suggest – invest in the SAI Connector module.

Craig Juta


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  1. […] container. To add columns to the source container so that they are available in this window, the Connector module is […]

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