August 16, 2010

A report may be scheduled to run at a specific time using a combination of SAI functionality and the windows task scheduler. There are 2 ways to do this and we will explore 1 way in this session.

  1. Select the desired report, right click it and select the ‘Generate Schedule Command’ option 2. If the report expects parameters to be entered, these will be requested from you and saved in the schedule command

3. The schedule command required by windows scheduler will be coppied to the clipboard and SAI will show this screen 4. Now invoke the windows scheduler – ‘Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Windows Scheduler

5. One of the entries in the scheduler is the ‘scheduler command’ which is currently on your clipboard and is required to be pasted in the appropriate textbox

The report will now be invoked by the scheduler at the chosen time and frequency. One of the drawbacks of scheduling reports is the hard-coded nature of the parameters entered for the report. There are a few tips and tricks to overcome this and I will be exploring these in future posts.


To have access to the scheduler command in Sage Intelligence, the installation of Sage Intelligence must have at least two Report Manager licenses OR one Connector license. The recipients of a Scheduled report only require a valid license of MS Excel and not a Sag Intelligence license (unless they need to access Sage Intelligence Addins).

Normally the user will not be sitting in front of the machine running the scheduled report and it is therefore beneficial to apply 2 properties to the report (select the report and check the ‘show advanced’ checkbox’ to see report properties):



The 2 properties applied above are 1) Generate Output File which saves the template to a shared network location  and 2) Close Book on Completion so that the open workbook does not linger on the machine that ran the report

Craig Juta


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