August 26, 2010

When assessing the quality of SAI report designs,  the most salient characteristic that I seek to identify is the lack of ‘quantity’ and ‘complexity’. A report may meet complex business needs and may require a very large work effort but this complexity does not have to relayed to the user of the report.

A feature on SAI that compliments this concept, is the Union Reports feature. Union Reports make it possible to deliver multiple, disparate datasets to the Excel template.

To create a Union Report, include the following steps:

  1. Create multiple standard reports
  2. Right click on the folder in which the Union Report will reside
  3. Select ‘Union Report’ and the select the sub-reports from the list, that you would like to include
  4. In the properties of the Union Report, right click one of the sub-reports and select properties
  5. In the properties window, change the sheet index to which the dataset from this report should flow

Now when this Union Report is run, each sub-report will run consecutively, placing the respective datasets on each sheet.

Union Reports compliment the ‘Less is More’ concept by avoiding the need to use multiple Excel workbooks for reporting and providing the opportunity for a dashboard based on multiple, disparate data sources for business decision-making.

Craig Juta, SAI Consultant


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