September 15, 2010
The process of creating a NEW report requires that you use the Sage Accpac Intelligence Connector to create a connection to a data source. The Sage Accpac Intelligence Report Manager is then used to create the report and link it to an Excel template. The following figure summarizes the entire process of creating a report using the Connector and the Report Manager module: 


Reporting Overview

Reporting Overview


  1. use the Sage Accpac Intelligence Connector to create a connection to a data source
  2. add a data container which may constitute a table, join, SQL query or existing view
  3. add expressions (database fields) which are exposed in the container referred to above
  4. now fire-up the Report Manager and create a folder
  5. right click the folder and select the option to create a report, linking the report to the container created above
  6. select a set of expressions (database fields) from those available and sort these as they should appear in the report
  7. run the report
  8. make the desired changes to the resulting Excel template
  9. link this template back to the report for future use





Craig Juta is a SAI and Excel BI expert operating out of Alberta, Canada



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