October 5, 2010

It is often useful to format cells based on the content of the value or formula in a cell. By using the ‘find’ feature (ctrl + ‘f’)this can be done very swiftly.

1) Select the area to analyze

2) Hit ctrl + ‘f’ and in the ‘find’ textbox type the value to be found

3) Click the ‘Find All’ button and you will see a list of cell references appearing where the desired value was found

4) Within the list of references select the first  and while holding down the ‘shift’ key, select the last reference

5) Now all the cells containing the matching text will be selected

Format Found

Format Found

6) Close the ‘find and replace’ dialog box and apply a formatting to the selected cells

Format Found

Format Found

You are now in a position to isolate these cells by using the sort or filter by color features in Excel.

This technique could also be used for finding cell references in formulas for the purposes of formula auditing.


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