November 15, 2010
  1. SMI is hanging off the MAS menu, as such to access SMI will require an open MAS license, and then to execute the SMI report will require either the Report Manager or the Report Viewer.  Is that correct? Yes, for MAS 500 only as it is integrated into the MAS 500 desktop. For MAS 90/200, a MAS user license is not required in order to access SMI
  2. Report Manager is a named/workstation license, is Report Viewer also a named workstation license? Yes
  3. As a partner I should have a complete set of tools, manager, designer, connector and a viewer, which I can load for my consultants and for my sales engineers – is that an accurate understanding? Yes, 100%
  4. The product literature says that auto-generation and distribution of reports is part of the functionality.  What modules does that, and how is it configured?  Or is it leveraging other tools such as windows scheduler and are we saying distribution is simply attach a report and send via email as opposed to an automatic generation overnight for example and then automatically sending specific reports to specific people based upon some configurations in the application? SMI generates scheduler commands but requires either windows scheduler or SQL scheduler to trigger the reports to run. The ability to generate scheduler commands is locked out in the same way as the import report functionality and is enabled by purchasing an additional report manager license or connector module. SMI has a standard add-in that allows reports to be emailed to a set of email addresses as well as can have output published to HTML for internet/intranet use.
  5. Is the ‘Report Designer’ free or for sale? For Sale from your Business Partner
  6. Do all MAS clients receive 4 free Report Managers? MAS 500 customers receive 4 licenses. MAS 90/200 customers receive 1 Report Manager License
  7. Which modules are a prerequisite for being able to import reports? At least 2 report manager licenses (which means that MAS 500 customers have this feature without acquiring new licenses)
  8. MAS 500 – Even though multiple companies normally reside in one database, is the Connector required for consolidation? yes

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