Working Capital Cashflow Model (Pastel Partner)

December 3, 2013

BIC  Cape Town Report PL

Solution Description

The Working Capital Cashflow Model reveals relevant cash related information relating to Working Capital components. It answers the question that business managers ask with high frequency: ‘how much money will there be in the bank account during and after the current working capital cycle’.

It does this by asking the business manager ‘how many days would you like to forecast cashflows for?’
The model then reveals the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable due over the prediction period.
It also predicts other cash outflows incl. Payroll, based on cash outflow activity from the previous month for the same period.

By having this predictive cash information real-time and in one place, you can now take corrective actions by collecting debts with precision,
renegotiate vendor terms and identify other cash outflows that may not be required this month or may not be required at all.

It’s the working capital cashflow model that you dreamed about but have never had the luxury of possessing….until now.

Download this solution here > >

Supported Versions

Microsoft® Excel® 2007+

Pastel v11+

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