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Invoice Register with Amount Due – Mas90/200

November 22, 2011


This solution is used to rapidly view and filter invoices for the purpose of credit control and general efficiency in the office management of the sales cycle.


Depending on the report variant selected, this report provides rapid access to sales-side information and filtering by ‘Customer No & Name’,  ‘Invoice Number’, ‘Salesperson No’, ‘Invoice/Transaction Date’, ‘Check No’, ‘Transaction Type’, and  ‘Invoice Date & Invoice Due Date’ Less than/Greater than 30 days.

This solution has four performance variants:

1) Complete report (Limited to 30 days prior to current system date).

2) Fields included: Customer Name, Invoice No, Invoice/Transaction Date, & Invoice Balance.

3) Fields included: Customer ID & Name, Invoice No, Invoice/Transaction Date, Transaction Type & Invoice Balance.

4) Fields included: Customer ID & Name, Invoice No, Invoice/Transaction Date, Transaction Type & Invoice Balance. Filtering by Invoice Date and/or Invoice Due Date- Less than/Greater than 30 days.

All of these variants contain common dynamic features:

· Swiftly adding and removing report dimensions such as Invoice Date & Invoice Due Date aging.

· Invoice Cut Off date to filter Transactions.

Free variant available here.

Platform: Mas90/200

Excel versions: 2007+


MAS 90/200/500 Aggregated Financial Report & Report Designer

March 16, 2011

Due to SMI producing financial statements at the lowest level of detail by default  i.e. GL account level versus an aggregated level,  customers with large numbers of GL accounts can sometimes experience slower report running and statement generation times. This is solved by aggregating the data to a higher level before the data arriving in Excel, resulting in enhanced performance.

After you have downloaded these reports, take a walk though the IntelligenceStore for more solutions for download.

The reports as described below can be downloaded and imported in MAS:

Download Aggregated Financial Report

Download Aggregated Financial Report Designer

Download Aggregated Financial Report MAS500

Download Aggregated Financial Report Designer MAS500

These aggregated reports are designed to cater for large volumes of financial accounts by rolling up account balances to a maximum of 2 account number segments – 1 and 2. Segments 3 and onwards will not be pulled into this report.

The Aggregated Financial Reports container Join can be changed to use a different segment. By default it uses the Natural (Main) account plus Segment 2. To change it to use Segment 3 rather make the change as shown below to the Container SQL:-

Aggregated Financials

Aggregated Financials

An example of the performance enhancement to be expected is illustrated below:

Financial Report

Report Designer