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Price List Report (Pastel Partner)

October 28, 2013

BIC  Cape Town Report PL

Solution Description

The ‘Price List’ solution reveals the 10 Price Lists available in Sage Pastel, with a comparison to the current cost of each inventory item.

On one page it answers some important questions relating to expected profit on inventory items:
‘At a glance, do my price lists look accurate with regard to my current pricing strategy?’
‘Do my price lists exceed the value of the current item cost?’
‘Are any of the price lists redundant?’

Isolate individual Inventory Groups or Stores to apply these business questions to.

The model also calculates the percentage markup for each inventory item on ‘Price List 1’, affording you the opportunity to have exception reporting on inventory which are projected to have poor markups or unrealistic high markups.
Use basic pivot table skills to add your own calculated fields to this report for customized analysis. From here on out, embrace this tool to manage your price lists so that you manage your profits

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Supported Versions

Microsoft® Excel® 2007+

Pastel v11+

PriceList 3