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Creative BI: Consolidated Financial Reporting

January 30, 2014

Consolidated Financial Reporting using Sage Intelligence. Also applies to non Financial Reporting….


Consolidated Financial Reporting


Creative BI: Multi-Year Trending on Profit & Loss

January 18, 2014

Due to reasons like convention, technical limitations or just an embrace of statutory financial reporting doubling up as management reporting, profit and loss reports often report on activity for the current and previous years only.

I know that for a start-up or a company that experiences a high degree of change, assessing trends over multiple years is not necessarily helpful to managing the business. But there are many companies who would benefit from having a Profit and Loss  Statement for many years to assess trends in incomes and expenses.

By creatively applying Business Intelligence, we encourage BI professionals to give customers that option and we encourage companies to insist on multi-year Profit and Loss solutions. Below is a basic example of such a solution, accompanied by a graphical representation of the trend.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 12.00.25


Intelligence Store – Inventory of Solutions in Store

December 5, 2011

Inventory of Solutions found in the Intelligence Store are as per groups below:

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  1. Sage Accpac
  2. Sage Pastel
  3. SagePeachtree
  4. Sage Simply Accounting

………….find these solutions @


Commission due on Paid Invoices – Sage Peachtree

December 5, 2011
APPLICATION This solution is used to rapidly calculate the commission due to each member of your sales force. Commissions are calculated based on paid invoices and therefore suits businesses taking a more conservative approach to paying commissions.

This solution has three performance variants:

V1.0  Amount due with values against each Invoice, Customer and Salesperson, Total Amount for Paid and Unpaid Invoices and Days to Pay (limited to invoices paid for the past 15 days)

V1.1 A total amount due to each SalesPerson

V1.2 Amount due with values against each Invoice, Customer and Salesperson, Total Amount for Paid and Unpaid Invoices and Days to Pay

All of these variants contain common dynamic features

  • The option for using a UDF in Sage Peachtree to store and retrieve SalesPerson Commisions
  • Swiftly adding and removing report dimensions such as Customer and SalesPerson and
  • Swiftly filtering by SalesPerson and Customer

All free variants available here.

Available in: Excel 2007 +